Linking to Sherwood Dungeon

Do you want to put Sherwood Dungeon on your own website? As long as you follow our linking policy, we can help make that happen. We also provide some html examples below.

Linking Policy

Maid Marian Entertainment Inc. ( has a liberal linking policy designed to encourage other websites or webmasters to link to our games. We allow for direct links and for games to be embedded in other websites using IFRAME's provided that the website or webmaster follows these Rules and Guidelines:

1. Our ads must be shown clearly under the games. These are 728x90 Leaderboard ads. Any effort to hide or obscure these ads is a direct violation of the linking policy.

2. If a website or webmaster chooses to embed a game in their website using IFRAME, a minimum size of 728x497 must be used to leave adequate room for the game and the ad.

3. Websites or Webmasters must not falsely represent the authorship or origin of games.

4. It is understood and agreed that players of games are subject to's Terms of Service, Terms of Use and Rules of Conduct. Links to these are provided inside the games. Any content on a linking website that encourages players to break the Terms or Service/Use or Rules of Conduct is in direct violation of our linking policy.

5. games are not to appear in pop-up windows or linked to by means that employ pop-up windows.

6. If you intend to embed games in your website using IFRAME, Maid Marian Entertainment Inc. must be notified by email of your intentions. We reserve the right to refuse these links for any reason but generally we refuse these links only if we find the content of your site offensive, objectionable or racist. Email to [email protected]

Assuming you understand and intend to abide by these rules and guidelines, here is some information to make linking or embedding a little easier.

Links to the game:


If you intend to embed Sherwood Dungeon games into your own website with IFRAME, you can copy and paste the following code into the HTML of your web page:

  Flash Version

<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="728" height="497" src="" align="top">


IFRAME Embed Example

This is an example of a web pages that embed Sherwood Dungeon using IFRAME.


For additional information, clarification or business inquires, please contact
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